About Nyoobe

What is Nyoobe? Nyoobe is a dynamic, web-based referral platform which connects businesses to new customers, and allows people all over the globe to connect to referral offers in their own back yard.

For Users Nyoobe harnesses the power of social media to allow members to give and receive referrals to their friends and family. Why does that matter? Because this is the only platform which allows users to get those trusted recommendations, and get paid for doing it. You were already going to ask your network for recommendations. Why not both get paid for using that recommendation?

For Businesses Nyoobe allows businesses of any size to find new customers without wasting precious advertising dollars. With other campaigns, you have to pay up front before a single customer walks through the door. What a waste! We live in the digital age, and Nyoobe brings referrals to the web. Now, your advertising dollars go straight to the people who shared and accepted a referral directly to your business, only after a sale is completed.