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How it works

Welcome to Nyoobe, the cloud-based platform that helps businesses grow through referral marketing. Here's how it works:

  • When a new business signs up with Nyoobe, they will submit basic information about the business and create a referral campaign. This campaign will be displayed in the Nyoobe mobile app, allowing members to make referrals to the business.
  • You only pay for new customers after they make their first purchase. There are no additional fees to the business.
    • Restaurants pay a fee of 15% of the subtotal on the customer’s 1st purchase with a Nyoobe referral.
    • All other businesses pay a flat fee determined by the business on the customer’s 1st purchase with a Nyoobe referral.
  • When people see your offer to make referrals in the Nyoobe mobile app, they will then take a photo representitive of your business and share it to their social media.
  • When a new potential customer sees the shared referral, they will be able to upload a copy of their receipt to redeem the offer.
  • Your online dashboard tracks referrals, payments, and sales activity.

Nyoobe In Action

A Nyoobe member shares an image of her order, an image at her physical therapist, and an image of her stylist with her social network to demonstrate how easy it is for members to make referrals to their favorite businesses with Nyoobe.

How To Signup With Nyoobe

  1. Provide information about your business.
  2. Create the offer to have people refer your business.
  3. Setup a secure payment method.
    • Payments will only be processed once referrals have been completed.
    • At the end of the billing cycle, an invoice will be sent to the business owner to review all referrals.

Nyoobe Referral Work Flow

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