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Viralize referral campaigns

Create them on the Nyoobe app, invite your customers to share them and exponentially grow your business with referral marketing.

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Increase word of mouth

Easily reward loyal customers who contribute to drive new consumers to your business.

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Monitor your growth

Discover who your advocates are, track referrals, payments, and sales activity, all within your dashboard.

How it works

Create a referral campaign

These will be published in the Nyoobe app, allowing members to refer the business by sharing them with their friends.

Verify redeemed referrals

New customers who want to claim a shared referral will upload a copy of their receipt as a proof of purchase to redeem the referral.

Reward your referrers

The business will pay (either a flat fee or a percentage of a sale) for new customers only after they have made their first purchase.

Monitor your growth

The online dashboard tracks referrals, payments and sales activity.

Snap, click, Cha-Ching!

See how Jenna uses Nyoobe to easily generate interest among her friends in a business and make money by referring places she loves.

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